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Valkyrie Helm Quest Ragnarok

Valkyrie Helm Headgear Item  Description
Valkyrie Helm [1]
An ornate, winged
helmet worn by the
warrior maidens that
serve Odin. MDEF +5

Valkyrian Armor Set
Valkyrie Helm
Valkyrie Armor
Valkyrie Manteau
Valkyrie Shoes
All Stats +1

Class : Headgear Defense: 10
Location : Upper Weight : 100
Jobs: All Transcendent
Classes except Novice

Valkyrie Helm Quest Rangarok Online

Required Items to make Valkyrie Helm
Quest Difficult: High
The first step to get the Valkyrie helm is recollect the next card list.

Argiope Card x 1
Bongun Card x1
Dryad Card x1
Elder Card x 1
Hode Card x1
Marduk Card x1
Nightmare Terror Card x1
Pirate Skeleton Card x1
Sage Worm Card x1
Wooden Golem Card x1
Bloody Rune x1000
Darkness Rune x1000
10.000.000 zeny

Once you have already all the above cards you must get 1000 Bloody Rune and 1000 Darkness Rune
and get 10,000,000 on your account.

When you get all the items go to Hugel and search a NPV called Ghenirhemin, You must talk with him to many times to make the Valkyrie Helm. He will ask you for money to talk about the Quest.

How to Get Valkyrie Helm without Quest
There is one more way to get the Valkyrie Helm. This item is consider as Donation item depending on the server that you are playing. Search on the website of the server and go to Donation Section to see the items avaliables. Antoher way is bought it through a NPC using Batlegrounds Badges or use Casp Points to Buy it.
If you  have any dude about please leave a comment to say it the best way to get it.

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