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Thara Frog Card Ragnarok

Thara Frog Card image

Thara Frog Card Rangarok Online

Use this card to play WOE, PVP and Battlegrounds.

Thara Frog Card Description 

Reduce damage from Demihuman monsters by 30%. 
Class : Card 
Compound on: Shield 
Weight : 1 

Who Drops Thara Frog Card?

 Thara Frog Monster
Card Drop Rate:  0.01%

Where you find Thara Frog Monster?

Use Warper NPC - Select Dungeons - Select Beach Dungeon 3

Mao, the East Cave (beach_dun3) [50]
Turtle Island (tur_dun01) [10]

How to Get Thara Frog Card Easy?

Use a Bubble Gum item to Double the Drop Rate.

How to Defeat Thara Frog Monster?

Thara Frog Elemental Damage
Neutral100%Water0%Earth 100%Fire 80%Wind 175%Poison 75%Holy 100%Shadow 100%Ghost 75%Undead 75%
Use wind skills to defeat Thara Frog Quickly

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